Love Your Melon of Hammocks

I read something interesting Elon Musk said a few weeks back. He said something to the effect of "when" automation and artificial intelligence combine into something with which humans simply cannot compete, there will need to be a "Universal Income" for lack of productive work humans can perform and be paid for.

Let's pretend like this outcome is imminent, the big question then is, "when" will this happen? What is the perfect combination of automation and artificial intelligence that will replace humans in the workforce? When you look at our economy today, I think the answer is obvious:

It's already happening.

Fifty years ago, an assembly line at Ford Motor Company would have been full of people. Have you seen pictures of the assembly line at the Tesla Gigafactory? Very few people. Why is that? Because the combination of machines and computer software are faster, more reliable and cheap compared to humans. As society becomes more and more innovative friendly and technology changes our future, there will be disenfranchised groups in our society that lose their jobs. Their skills will become obsolete and they won't be valuable enough to carry a job

Ford Assembly Line ~1960's

Ford Motor Company ~1960's

Tesla Gigafactory

There are parts of the world where this "futuristic" problem is a present economic concern. There are far too many people and far too few jobs. Mozambique is one of those places.

Currently, the unemployment rate in Mozambique is above 20%, and its gotten much worse since hyperinflation began in 2014. We've designed our business model to provide a premium product while doing as much good as we can in the world. We think more companies should be doing the same.

If you're asking yourself what company you should buy your hammock from, take comfort in knowing 25% of our profits fund small businesses in Mozambique.

Buy a hammock and become part of the difference

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